downloadAny woman who is strong, independent and speaks her mind (normally) has it rough in this dating game…Crazy bitches have given “women” a bad rep — chicks who go all psycho because they can’t keep their neediness under wraps are adding to reasons why we ‘normal’ gals have to over analyze and keep in check all our emotions when it comes to dating.  Even if we start to like a dude, any mention of how much so would potentially jeopardize the situation.  So what do normal, non-crazy bitches do when it comes to being with men we like??? Not a God-damned thing, that’s what.  We ‘self-control’ a relationship to its potential death.  If we open our hearts, we run the threat of looking like aforementioned crazy bitches who gave this whole relationship ordeal a bad name.  By opening up, we also run the risk of being rejected.  But if we keep quiet and pretend we’re just letting a ‘relationship run its course,’ we risk not knowing…not knowing if he ever felt something in return…at least we don’t get our hearts shattered — outwardly.   For us strong gals, when we date, we often heavily weigh the pros and cons of opening up to a dude (or gal if that’s your thing) versus being judged as batshit cray for actually voicing an emotion.

It’s a fickle world, this dating universe.  No one knows who is in control…which is most likely why there are so many fatal crashes in love.  Females are held to a double standard and, I dunno about the rest of you strong bitches, I’m getting exhausted from playing defense to my heart…I’m pretty sure it’s gotten to the point now where I’m not even going there at all.

If you’re a fella out there, who likes a gal who is self-reliant and cool as fuck, and you feel you MAY have a chance — I suggest you make the first move.  Our fatal flaw of staying outwardly ‘neutral’ is, in all honesty, us just not wanting to be lumped into the ‘crazy B’ category  and at the same time trying to protect what is left of our shattered little hearts (because if you’re pursuing a strong lady, I guarantee you she’s been through some shit).  But I guarantee you this:  if you make that move, and she reciprocates those feelings…you’ve given her a green light to be the expressive, loving person she deep-down really wants to be.

I think what it boils down to is this (and I put a personal spin on this because all us strong gals have different MOs when it comes to handling our emotions) — If I like a dude, I let them know…not in the mushy-I-want-to-hang-around-you-and-change-my-facebook-status kind of way.  but simply put, “i like you.”  Then I leave that door open.  What I WANT to say versus what I do gets put into check for fear of (a) being misconstrued as a stage-5 clinger and (b) protecting my heart.

At the end of the day, I’ll just steal a line from good ol’ Julia R in Notting Hill — I’m just a girl, standing in front of a (proverbial) boy, asking him to like (sic) her.  (and buy/pick her flowers and plan surprises for her and want to cuddle and take trips together….wait, she didn’t say that but i KNOW she was thinking it).

2017 better be epic.


  1. LOL I love the title of this post. And the content, but the title hooked me! You’re so right about the neediness- guys are so scared of getting a needy girl that any bit of affection has become taboo 🙄 Here’s hoping that the tables turn with the new year!


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