A Little About Me

If you’ve followed me on this blog journey over the past year and a half, you’ll know that I’ve had quite a few adventures in both travel and everyday life.  And everyday life is a fucking beast.  I don’t know if I envy those people who have all their shit together and a perfect home, with a perfect spouse and some perfect babies or if, by some strange twist of events, they envy me for the chaos and absurdity that my own life embodies.  Whichever, I can guaran-damn-ty you that being a single, driven and mostly logical woman has both blessings and curses.  Blessings because I really don’t ever ‘need’ for anything other than travel — curse because I WANT a tiny piece of that seemingly perfect family life that the majority of my friends have (and trust me, I know nothing is perfect but I use the word ironically).  But, because my blessings seem to lend negatively to that endeavour (i.e. many dudes out there are either too scared or too unsure what to do with me that they simply exit stage left 99.9% of the time), I now have to look at life from the standpoint that it just may not be my path to have it all.  The travel, the family, the unconditional love, the stability….So now I’m at the point in life to where I just say ‘fuck it all.’  And, with that mentality in mind, I start this new blog journey — where I just simply don’t give two shits about what the next thing in life will be.  Whatever happens, I’m rolling with the punches and enjoying whatever opportunities come my way.  Welcome to my newly branded blog:  Life, do your mother-fucking best.


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