A Little About Me

Hi. This blog has had a lot of evolutions…I started out fucking railing on the absolute dregs of the dating world…then I got into a relationship and had a hiatus of sorts that, honestly, turned out to make this blog my occasional diary (wrong move but I’m leaving those posts up there)…Now…I’m back dating…only this time, I have an entirely different POV. You see…I’ve gone through a LOT of shit in life…and only about 2% of that goes onto this site so whatever I rant about, please don’t think I live my life in a “poor me” state. I’m actually a very positive person — who happens to have some shitty situations (so I’m basically normal).

My dating 6,578.0 version has everything to do with wisdom, common courtesy, manners and humanity, all married into the POS world of online dating…Yea, I’m back on it. It’s a fucking mess…but I would love to help a brother out so hopefully, the rants that I place on this site will hit a nerve with guys who ARE on these apps and will hopefully give them a little more jizz in their balls to man up and, well, be a decent person —

Online dating dehumanizes things. I want to be the face of making people GET that on the other end of that device is someone who may (or may not – girls are guilty of this for sure so I have some research to do) really have something vested in reaching out…

I’m most likely gonna throw a lot of other random thoughts in, but, I think I’m funny. If you don’t, please comment on it and I’ll try to prove you wrong.

But, regardless, would love to hear perspectives other than my own. I’m very open to trying to understand the other side of this dating life. Welcome to my world, peeps. We’re all monkeys in this circus….let’s learn some tricks.

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