Shit people don’t say.

I realize my posts have been few and far between.  This new job has me jumping through hoops...and I love every second of it.  With all these fires (both professional and personal) I've been trying to contain these days, I've learned some very valuable lessons in not only patience but in the art of picking one's [...]

A moment of silence.

New job?  Check.  Back in the dating world?  Check.  Feel like I doused myself in gasoline and ran through a field of dried brush?  Check.  Metaphor getting lost in my sleep-deprivation?  Fuck. Yes. You know what though?  I like it.  And life has just taken a turn for the incredible.   I woke up at [...]

Sometimes indecision IS a decision.

I alluded to some 'heart-wrenching' (maybe over exaggerated with that term but whatevs) dating situations in my last post and thought, hell...if I'm opening up a flesh wound, may as well dig all the way to the artery and bleed out. There is a pretty profound lesson found in each of the scenarios so, maybe, [...]