Road Trip Feels.

Funny thing about solo road trips...there's a LOT of time for introspective thought, contemplation and basically sortin' shit out.  This is probably why I avoid drives over 3 hours and have a fuck-ton of audiobooks to distract me from self-reflection.  No one wants a raw look at themselves.  Most of my ugly cries have been [...]


So I'm taking inventory....finally.  There have been a few people I personally know that I have peripherally kept in my life for one reason or another.  Some date back to the stone age (i.e. when I was younger) and some are more recent acquaintances.  I've kept one tiny, minute portion of my pinky finger on [...]

Sometimes indecision IS a decision.

I alluded to some 'heart-wrenching' (maybe over exaggerated with that term but whatevs) dating situations in my last post and thought, hell...if I'm opening up a flesh wound, may as well dig all the way to the artery and bleed out. There is a pretty profound lesson found in each of the scenarios so, maybe, [...]