largeUnfortunately, we do not live in a “Friends” episode, so the Ross and Rachel technique most likely won’t work with reality.  That, and reality is an asshole so it’s likely he (yes, I’m genderizing it, and yes, I’m pretty sure I made that word up) won’t compromise.  Therefore, I wake up every day, feet to the floor, put pants on (very important) and push through the day.  I’m trying to change some things in life and it’s proving to be A LOT more challenging and emotionally taxing than I anticipated.  

Some big decisions need to be made soon, and I’m quickly learning that my emotional vulnerability versus my emotional strength are going full Justice League against each other.  I just hope the emotional strength team has Superman on its side cuz my personality doesn’t take well to vulnerability…however, so far Superman seems to be battling near kryptonite or something tho…I feel diminishing powers there.

Ok, so enough of the JL analogies.  I don’t need to get personal on this thing to convey the fact that strong, independent females tend to be more susceptible to the feels.  I did a blog a while back about saracasm as a defense mechanism and that still and always will hold true. I’m not going to lose my sense of humor or personality over shit that I ultimately cannot control…I’ll face this head on; deal with the good, bad and ugly; and hopefully get through this shit all rainbow-and-unicorn-like.

The point I want to emphasize here is this:  We all go through stuff.  We all have our own personal problems.  Some have a greater magnitude than others, however we owe it to ourselves (first and foremost) and our loved ones to recognize our downfalls, and to quickly rectify/remedy/sort them out as quickly as possible and move on.  It is NOT a life option to stay in the middle of our own shit for any extraordinary length of time.  At the end of the day, if you can’t look back and know deep down that you gave it the best you could for that day, then you best figure out that you’re the problem.  Not whatever is dragging you down.  So own it.  Fix it best you can.  Then grow from it.

As much as I wake up every day recently and want to just skip over it all, I do realize that, when Ross and Rachel went on their “break”, shit went down and people got hurt.  So apparently sometimes a “break” may not be the best option…maybe sometimes getting into the middle of it all and dealing with it means you’ll build something bigger, better and stronger.  I don’t know what life-lesson I’m being taught here, but I sure as hell wish the universe/God/Allah/Buddah/Whomever would hurry the fuck up with the lesson.  It’s like grad-school and working full time all over again.  Exhausting.

Who would’ve thunk “Friends” could be so philosophical?  You’re welcome.


  1. That is why they call it a situation comedy. All sorts of situations happen in real life, TV just reflects that truth. Ross and Rachel is a lot like Leonard and Penny of The Big Bang Theory, a relationship that seemed impossible to happen but did happen. Being on a break is something one doesn’t do lightly because it could lead to something more permanent.

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  2. As long as genderizing doesn’t become generalizing, we’re all good, right? 😛

    I noticed something you said in there that I feel was a huge defense mechanism of mine once: sarcasm. It’s an art, I felt I have let go too long ago. (Actually, maybe I should check your post on the topic…seems to me, I expressed this very sentiment there). For me, I became worried how other people accepted me and the truth of the matter, looking back, I probably could have had a bit more of a “Phuket” attitude! I mean, it was who I was – and most likely still am. Ah fuck it, it is who I am.

    Anyways, I agree that we have to deal with shiznit and can’t let it run us over.

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