In this seemingly never-ending-unsuccessful world that is my dating life, I often have to put myself in check when I start to “like” a dude…I have to examine if he is REALLY worth a repeat date or am I just in a “lonely” phase of my life looking to fill a void (insert sexual innuendos here)?

Lately, when I start to get into that lonely poor me phase, I’ve been trying to redirect my negative thoughts — I take inventory so to speak….some people call it a gratitude list…I just call it ‘good shit in my life’ — and really, when I look at that list, I see that all the stuff on there are things I did…I accomplished; I made happen…and it’s all good shit.  Then my mind starts to remember the struggles I had to go through to get to those good things (cuz let’s face it, nothing comes from lack of effort…unless you’re just really that fucking lucky…which I’m not) and I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Let’s face it, the Strong Woman Game doesn’t come without insecurities…I don’t care who you are; if you’re 100% ok with EVERYTHING in life, you’re either lying to yourself, to your peeps, or both…In the case of being a strong, independent woman — sometimes we silently battle the insecurity of lack of companionship…it’s cool…we can’t all be perfectly strong.  But don’t ever lower your standards just because someone can’t raise theirs.  Because trust me, if you do, you’ll end up completely dissatisfied, unhappy and probably royally fucked further down the road.

Compromise is for when you’re IN a relationship…not for acquiring one.    

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