elections-america-president-listI’m just going to jump right into this explanation:  Our country is royally fucked because the only two options we have for our future President is a potential felon and a narcissistic racist.   That ol’ addage “lesser of two evils” is really hard to gauge here because both options will spiral our country into the shitter.  I could literally write a novel on this, but to save on time, let me just narrow it down to top 5 FACTS per candidate:

Top 5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Be the Worst Prez

  1. He Speaks Stupid:  He speaks with a 3rd grade literacy level.  Seriously, this is something we measure, people.  Politico did a study on it last year.  This is possibly the reason why so many uneducated people (and I’m not talking formal education…I’m talking literal stupidity) are backing him. Trump incites (yes, incites) people who are “less than knowledgeable” into frenzies.  He’s pulling a typical political move here — by typical I mean Hitler-style.   People blindly follow him because his rhetoric reverberates with their inability to process “bigger picture” strategies.  And speaking of Hitler, Trump’s blanket statements such as “building a wall” or “stopping Muslim immigration” have lit fires under the latent bigots and racists of America.  These assholes are now coming out of the woodworks because they think this dude is going to whitewash ‘Merca again.  The empowerment of these horrific ideologies is staggering.  More KKK members are rallying WITH Trump and America just sits and watches the racism unfold.  So far, in my generation, Obama’s presidency has been the most successful at driving the largest wedge in our race relations…I am super scared to see how the country would react to a Trump regime.
  2. He’s Rogue:  Trump literally has NO FUCKING PLAN or explanation of HOW he’s going to do ANYTHING.  He spouts off ideas during his speeches like he just had a brainstorm then when asked to lay out his plan, he reverts to his third-grad rhetoric – proverbially dangling a shiny object in front of a crowd of idiots while his minions try to come up with some way to explain what he just said…Like I said…he has loads of ideas but no comprehensive thought (or forethought for that matter).  Any “policy” his puts forward has no substance behind it.Policy:  Illegal immigrants?
    Trump:  “Mass deportation.”
    Policy:  Ok, how?
    Trump:  “Build a wall.”
    Policy:  Ok, who is going to fund this?
    Trump:  “We’ll make the Mexican government pay.”
    Me:  Really?  Because last I checked they’re their own country and can pretty much do what they want WITHIN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.  So which side will this wall be built on again??

    Policy:  Healthcare
    Trump: “Scrap it”
    Policy:  Ok.  Replace it with what?
    Trump:  “Something terrific.”
    Me:  Well, that seems clear.  Thanks for that.

    How can America elect someone based on idea alone?  If someone just decided to open a business without a business or marketing plan or any type of analysis, that business would eventually run into the ground.  America, wake the fuck up…Just like that business can’t run on brick and mortar alone, we can’t run on fanciful and outrageous ideas without a comprehensive plan.

  3. There’s No Gray:  Trump doesn’t debate.  He bullies and detracts.  When an idea of his is challenged, instead of absorbing and intelligently defending it, he resorts to name calling and absolutes.  He leaves no room for constructive debate.   Which leads back to his lack of planning and his inciting rhetoric.  Politics (and life in general for that matter) are not black and white…as a political leader you have to have some sort of  baseline of acceptance of others’ opinions and ideas…especially since it’s “we the people” who supposedly put you in that position to begin with.  Progress can only happen when there is some level of compromise made.  With Trump, that word ‘compromise’ isn’t even in his 3rd grade vocabulary.
  4. The USA is PART of Earth…We Are Not THE Earth:  This is a disastrous mentality.  While it’s fine and dandy to be a proud American and want what’s best for our country, we can’t be simple minded.  Our country functions with the support of our global relations. Just like he has no comprehensive domestic policy, he has no clue about foreign policy.  Humanitarian crises aid, brokering peace in the Middle East, asserting military power…these ideas, which literally make our world go ’round, are completely (no pun intended) foreign concepts to this douchebag. People say we need to focus in on American policies and, for most part, yes, I agree.  But aside from the fact that Trump can’t EXPLAIN those domestic policies, we do have to take into account relationships and diplomacy with the UN and the sensitivity of unstable countries.  God help us if we ever have to call Trump our “Commander and Chief.”
  5. He’s Polarizing…Not Uniting:  Trump is and will always be in it for himself.  People who actually believe that he has the cajones let alone the ability to do anything resembling benevolence are just fooling themselves.  Trump doesn’t want to “make America great again…”  he wants to garner more fame.  If Trump becomes president, he’ll run this country the way he ran his businesses….borrow a bunch of money.  Invest.  Sell out.  Leave those who built his political empire in a lurch, move on and rebuild a different venture.  As Matt Yglesias writes:
    Across these ventures, Trump has mastered essentially a single skill — structuring deals to be financially beneficial to him personally regardless of whether the underlying business is successful. Rather than creating wealth for his business partners, Trump took advantage of investors who believed in him in order to benefit himself personally — just as he did years later with the “students” at Trump University. [Vox]
    I fear that this country will fall victim to the same type of mentality, as Trump has no fucking clue how else to operate.  Substitute “investors” in the above quote with “American Citizens” and you’ve got yourself his first comprehensive policy..

Top 5 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Will Be the Worst Prez

  1. Elephant in the Room – Those Fucking Emails:    Would you like your next president to be so flippant with national security?  Yes, she sent classified info via her personal email account knowing that she was violating State Department protocol as well as federal law.  And she defended her actions by saying that it was too “inconvenient” to use the State Department email system.  I’m no fucking politician, but I do have FOUR different emails on THREE different servers…and I don’t even have security clearance and that shit is on lock down.  So, as a President, how inconvenient will it be for you to use the White House email system?  Oh, and by the way, sorry for inconveniencing you in an ELECTED position…do your damn job.  You are NOT above the law.
  2. Aren’t They All Liars? Yes, But She Lies A LOT.  And about Stupid Shit:  Namingly “dead-broke”, Sir Edmund Hillary, sniper-fire landing,  and above-mentioned emails.  Not familiar?  Let me catch you up:  In a speech in July 2014, Clinton said that she and Bill were “dead-broke” when they left the White House in 2001 but in 1999 they had bought a $2M home in NY and a year later a $3M home in DC –I would SO love to be “dead-broke” like the Clintons were back then.  I have a feeling orphaned Somalians know a bit more about what it means to be “dead-broke.”  In 2008, Clinton famously claimed that she had landed under “sniper fire” in Bosnia — video evidence later proved she was a liar-liar-pants-on-fire.  She once claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to reach Mount Everest’s summit — but oddly enough, the dude didn’t summit until 6 years after she was born.  Weird.  I mean, ALL politicians try to cover their asses with lies…but come on, Hillary — at least try to lie about something that is meaningful…like the Benghazi attacks. Oh, wait.  She did.  Point for Hillary then.
  3. She So Scandalous (in my most ghetto voice):  Whitewater Controversy, Travelgate, Filegate, Benghazi…the list continues.  I wouldn’t say she is the MOST corrupt politician, but I would say she is the most celebrated corrupt politician.  I’m not going to go into the above-mentioned scandals because the interwebs can ‘splain them…the point is, the woman has been implicated in more controversies in her political career than there are Taylor Swift/Kanye West feuds on Twitter.  I don’t expect a corrupt-free President, but I would like a President that comes in with less baggage…all these scandals are a bit foreboding to what WILL happen if she’s in office.
  4. She’s a Popularity Whore…And I Mean That In the Nicest Way For A Politician:  Her opinions have historically changed with the times.  From her claiming in 2000 that marriage should be between a man and a woman, to her changing her stance in 2008 saying that all gay Americans are “full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship, that includes marriage.”  Hey, I’m a divorcee so if a gay couple want to get married and subject themselves to that, more power to them.  But that has ALWAYS been my stance, even when it wasn’t what the “cool crowd” believed…Hillary on the other hand seemed to have a “come to Jesus” moment upon the heels of her 2008 presidential bid…convenient.  She favored the Cuban embargo in 2000 but turned around and opposed it in 2014…she voted FOR the Iraq war in 2002 but campaigned against it in 2008….Seems like Hillary was going through an identity crisis before 2002…If she’s to be president, I sure as hell hope she’s got her shit together now…can’t be having a “yes man/woman” in office when you’re supposed to be a decisive leader.
  5. But Is She Really A Democrat, Tho?  From taking huge campaign donations from the likes of Goldman Sachs while masquerading as a friend of the working class to foreign government donations into the Clinton Foundation (another scandal I forgot to mention above but don’t have time to go back and write about….look it up)…Clinton has a long history of double speak and hypocrisy when it comes to “walking the walk” of her political party’s normal platforms.  I think, taking into account 1-4, we can clearly see why Trump is deeming her “Crooked Hillary.”  I mean, the name is fitting…

So, there you have it.  All reasons why our  country is going to hell in a hand basket..and why everyone – both sides of the political coin – are claiming that if one of these nominees become president, they’re leaving the country (some can let them hit the door on their ass on the way out, but that’s none of my business)…For the past three years I’ve voted myself into the ballot…looks like that’ll be happening again.


  1. I decided 2 years ago to write you in as my candidate when I saw what was coming down the pipe..I also decided to stop watching the news or listening to talk radio. Before anyone makes a comment about sticking my head in the sand…I just want to clarify…death by suffocation and ignorance feels like a much more logical/peaceful demise than to choose to try and navigate the hell that seems inevitable for the next 4 years in the US. As for “Can’t vote for that kind of crazy”….do not be fooled…both are capable. We are a divided country…in too many ways…


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