dacc6f728c3056c723dc554e11c85846FIRST up — I need to set the record straight.  I’ve said this before, and trust me, I appreciate the reach, but just because I write about dating or being single or whatevs, doesn’t mean that THAT is the focal point of my life.  In fact, if I’m honest, it’s a total of 2% of what I think about on a daily basis.  I just happen to have interesting stories or quips and I share them so I can spread some vicarious sunshine.  You seem to like the funny spins I put on the stories, so that just fuels me to write more about that topic…that, and I love entertaining.  So, you’re welcome, and, no, I’m not missing a piece of me.

That said, if you’ve been quasi following my blog, you’ll also know that I’ve been in a bit of a depressive slump lately.  It really has nothing to do with my love life…that shit is under control…to an extent…maybe.  Actually, I dunno know what I’m doing there.  But anyway….So, I decided this morning that I’m going to have to have some sort of five minute meditation every day to start counting all the good shit going on in my life…I’m going to challenge myself to do this for 28 days straight.  The end game here is to stop focusing so much on the shitty part of my life, and to redirect my energies to all the good stuff…I’ll even go so far as to list them here.

I’ve “heard” that the power of positivity can be a game changer.  I’m hoping it will cuz living in the hell I’ve been dealt is not my cuppa’.  And, yes, my situation is a blip on the radar of the immensity of the world’s problems….however, I have to live in it every day and I KNOW this shit has got to change….pronto.  So I’ll go this gratitude avenue and see how it checks out.

So, today’s gratitude list is the following:

  1. Roof over my head — I am lucky to be in the position to be able to pay rent for a house that I adore in a location that is the best
  2. Reliable, paid off transportation — No auto loan and a good, solid vehicle that gets me all over this crazy state
  3. My 5am (ish) clients — seriously.  If I didn’t have my personal training gig, I’d most likely die a slow, painful death.  I absolutely adore each of my clients and I the joy it brings me to give them a good workout in the morn (and I get one, too, so it’s a two-fer)
  4. My niece and nephew — yes, they’re trying at times…but overall they are pure joy to my life.
  5. My sense of humor — cuz trust me, if that went away, I’d be one miserable mother fucker.  The fact that I can make light of situations has kept me from going down full-blown depression paths many times.  I do know that if I take things too serious, then I would see the worst in things which will lead to sadness, which will lead me to be a very unhappy person. And I like happiness.  I like the joy, even  if fleeting, it brings when I can make fun of a situation.  It’s my jam.

I know I have tons more, but we’ll start with that.  I challenge you all to do this…maybe if we keep going on this gratitude list, we’ll wake up and realize that the world really IS full of rainbows and unicorns and that Clinton and Trump are the reasons they stay away so, because rainbows and unicorns make the world a happy place, we all choose THEM over the asswipes we have to choose from now to lead our country.  I’m voting rainbows and unicorns.



  1. First of all, I’ll take some mutha-fuckin’ sunshine from that meme you posted! I’m truly laughing so hard, I snorted water out of my nose.

    Secondly, I don’t believe there is any need for you to explain your situation, because it IS entertaining…or, rather, you have a mutha-fuckin (Too much Samuel, here?) great sense of humor!

    But I’m with you…trying to work on focusing on the positive, because I hate being a whiney bitch.

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  2. I have a philosophy the good old days weren’t always good for everyone. Sometimes we are better off in the here and now because those good old days weren’t really good after all. I choose to be grateful and intentionally positive about things…of course I have I have my moments.


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