592b5141b8248609d0cf2f4103e05062I don’t have one but at least I got you to click into my blog today 🙂

I’ve been on a few dates in the past few weeks…but no atrocities or dramatic BS, so at least I feel I have been picking better quality dudes.  I’m on a bit of a hiatus though.  I was (still am) starting to get a bit overwhelmed with life so took a step back and have been focusing on me a bit more.

However my friend decided out of the blue that she had “the perfect” guy for me so she went on a match-making mission…apparently it’s been on her radar for a while, he just wasn’t making it past the gatekeeper until he got his own relationship issues sorted.  I’m not playing that game again so hopefully he’s sorted and as funny as she claims him to be.

Meanwhile, I’m slowly (and hopefully surely) turning a corner in my quasi-depression (I’m not a doc so I can’t self-diagnose that)…I’m seeing a light, and a weight is slowly lifting off my shoulders.  I feel like a phoenix (SMH)…looks like I will rise from these ashes eventually.  Just needed a moment.


  1. Rising from ashes or anything else is a great thing I hear! 😉

    Have you ever notice that it’s ALWAYS someone else that feels you need to be dating? Well, good luck, and hopefully he does step up his game!


  2. My date sent her identical twin sister to say she’s not coming anymore.

    I don’t believe on online dating I am like old skool morals person,

    Keep doing what you girl and stay blessed,


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