o-GHOST-570If you are dating, chances are you’ve been “ghosted” before.   Or, as I like to call it, wasting-my mother-loving-precious-time-on-a-cowardly-douchebag-who-is-too-chicken-shit-to-keep-it-real.  Or something like that.  I switch up the words every now and then with a little more profanity.

Anyway, such a relevant and interesting topic to me because, as some of you may have picked up by now, I am a super honest and open person and I always express to dates that if they aren’t interested, they just need to speak up.  For some reason, though, they either don’t believe me, or are too insecure with themselves to muster actual words.  Treating people as if they don’t matter by showing interest then fucking off without a word is plain rude and insensitive.  I was talking to someone last night about this and the bottom line is (and I think it’s universal) it’s better to be honest about losing interest in someone than stringing them along only to disappear when you have a change of heart…We’re all adults here (well…at least in age…i question the maturity of about 80% of the dudes I date) so we can handle real talk.  I’d rather be hurt early in a potential relationship with honesty than being led on, liking the dude a bit more, then being dropped without a word because he’s too much of a fuck-twat to say it like it is.  I get that sometimes we just don’t feel it…just tell us.  Treat us like human beings – not peripheral moments in time.  Shit gets invested (i.e. time, heart, time….) and we want to at least feel like we invested that into a proper adult rather than a boy whose nuts haven’t dropped.

If you’re a dude out there trying to date women – the single most important piece of advice I can give you is this:  BE FUCKING HONEST.  At all times.  Even if you started to like a girl, then changed your mind, tell them..don’t treat women like they’re dispensable.  Think of it this way…if you had a kid, and he/she started dating, how would you want their dates to treat them/them to treat their dates?  Are you going to be proud of your son when he dicks over a girl?  How sad will it be when you see your daughter’s first heartbreak?  Perspective may help you out here.  So, let those cajones drop and flourish into the nuts they’re meant to be…then fucking use them and be a real man.



  1. Ghosting is one of the hardest things that’s ever happened to me because we’d known each other for two years and were really great friends when it started. It also sucked because while she did that she also kept an eye on my on social media and my blog and still spoke to friends about me, yet wouldn’t actually talk to me. I ended up writing a load of blog posts about it myself (which she read!). It’s terrible not knowing where you stand when the relationship has already gone somewhere.

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    1. Yeah, I think ghosting is even ruder and more hurtful than the truth…it’s essentially saying you don’t matter enough to that person for them to be honest with you…sorry about your situation, my friend. Unfortunately there is no mass eradication of rude and hurtful people…And it’s excruciating when you don’t have closure of some sort…Just know that it’s not you, it’s them…they’re the ones who are too cowardly to have the hard conversations.


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