591f4-a521731ab16c598ad6e9ad0fce23f87cWoke up with a little less of a heartache, and a little more perspective.  It’s funny how “love”, “infatuation”, “twitterpation”, etc makes us literally stupid. As in we actually believe that the person(s) who hurt us have the capability of making us feel unwanted/unloved/heartbroken/etc.  No.  Trust me.  The person(s) who hurt us do not have any kind of these superhuman powers…

We hurt because we place too much hope on a certain individual or situation and when that elevated, adrenaline-filled feeling of potential drops suddenly, we can’t help but feel empty and deflated and “less than”.  That feeling you feel after something doesn’t go your way or someone doesn’t return your love is simply a place in your heart where hope went to die…sometimes it’s a slow death; drawing out all sorts of emotional agony…but you have the ability to shoot hope in the fucking head and put it and you out of misery simply by accepting that shit didn’t go your way and that it’s not really the end of the world.  I know, easier said than done cuz we are human after all…but dealing with disappointment takes practice.  If shit ALWAYS went your way you’d be the luckiest bastard ever and I want to be your friend.  In real life, though, we have to take the misses with the hits.  Learning how to gracefully handle the strikes will ultimately define the kind of person you are.  Throwing a tantrum or wallowing in self pity will quickly get you labeled as batshit crazy.  And there’s only one kind of batshit crazy you want around you and that’s a drunk friend who entertains you by jumping into an oleander bush because she thinks she’s a ballerina (true story, and I love her for that).  Aside from that, you don’t want to be that batshit crazy person…You’re stronger than that.  See the situation for what it is, grieve for it momentarily AND SILENTLY (don’t tell the world you hate men (or women if that’s your thang) – cuz you don’t — you like sex too much), then put on your thong and flaunt your sexy ass (cuz who the hell wants to see someone with “big girl panties”?).

Note to self — advice above is pretty damn solid.

Note to readers — this is not advice to lower your standards or level of hope…just cautiously gauge it before jumping in.

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