adultingSo.  Just got back from a weekend in Belize…I’ve pretty much decided that I need to be on the beach, on an island, shirking all my responsibilities ad materialistic desires.  I think the pups and I could live pretty well on a less-than-desireable paycheck in a third world country…Granted, what I WANT to do on the island is relax, maybe teach a fitness class or two, but generally not work…so, unless that lottery hits for me, my island dream is pretty much shot.

Being an adult has its perks…I mean, you can purchase alcohol….but that’s all I got.  (I know it’s ‘have’ but I’m practicing dumbing my grammar down in case I actually do get to move to an island and don’t have to worry about such things…that and I’m just ironic).  Alcohol is the most adult thing with advantages that I can think of.  Aside from donating tons of money to charitable causes…but I can only afford the alcohol at this moment so those orphaned Somalians will have to benefit from those who are much richer than I while I pour myself another glass of wine/vodka/tequila and forget Sally Struthers’ message that “every little bit helps.”  ……………..I definitely should be more benevolent.

Anyway, adulting sucks because with age comes responsibilities…I truly miss not having to worry about mortgages, bills and the like.  I would kill to be able to hop on my bike and ride down to my friend’s house and go swimming all day…but…in ‘Merca we live, breathe, eat and die by “the man.”   I’ve traveled all over this globe and there is nowhere else in this world that puts as much emphasis on financial success as a measure of one’s worth as we do here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.   Granted, we have a higher standard of living than most countries, however I would venture to argue that in some of these places, the quality of life is emphasized more over monetary gain…Don’t get me wrong.  I like having money.  It eliminates a lot of stress…but I really do wonder if pushing this hard to be successful will be the death of me in the short term.

It’s easy for people to say they value quality of life over their bank account balance…but I find that the majority of people who say that have a few extra zeros in that account and live super comfortable and they don’t have to worry about their next pay check or if the electricity will be cut off…That, or those who say “quality over money” don’t have a dime but their lives are harder because they can’t afford basic necessities like a permanent residence or alcohol…I mean water.  I know there are plenty of people out there who genuinely love their lives and have very little material possessions or the means to purchase those little luxuries…but where is the balance when you want to travel the world and do things that cost money???

I’m a fairly successful gal…but I’m not without worry about finances and retirement and unnecessary-but-desired ‘stuff.’  I’m looking for that balance to where I can chuck all my unnecessary possessions and just live simply…how does one just flip the switch to do that??????  Adulting sucks because we have SO MUCH MORE knowledge and experience than we did when we were younger and because we have that, we must pick and choose the path we want to take either towards or away from those experiences…there are so many fucking options!!!  And some of them are super difficult to achieve…some require resources we don’t or can’t have…and some tend to take you down a road that either dead-ends or drops you off a cliff…Those last paths are frustrating AF because I hate backtracking…and dying.


  1. I’m so in tune with this right now.
    Just a week ago, I was thinking to myself, “Life was so much easier when I had crappy jobs…” Sometimes, we live life and before we know it, we’ve become a slave to it. Responsibilities – all 5,482 of them – just can’t be avoided unless you’re rich or have a sugar daddy…


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