anthony-bourdain1It’s not gradual…I don’t care what people say…It’s like you’re standing outside yourself on the tracks watching a freight train slam into your body and still feeling each rail wheel thump over your corpse…This is exactly what it feels like for a traveler, after being so elated during travels, to return to “real life.”

Well…maybe it’s a BIT of a morbid metaphor, but it’s the first that comes to mind, and I’m all about free-flow writing.  

For me, traveling is an extreme high at every moment.  Even on a lazy day in Spain when the weather is perfect and all I want to do is sit in a hammock and read or play with my photos, I’m still amazed that I’M IN SPAIN doing it.  When I get lost in the alleyways of Hydra, Greece, I don’t feel fear or anxiety of not finding my way back…I’m a giddy 10-year-old again on some great adventure.  Every second of my travels brings me an inner peace that I never find at home…Even if I’m clubbing into the early morning hours in Budapest, I’m still fucking elated that I (a) yet again met some kick-ass people and (b) am in fucking Budapest partying my ass off.  Whether I call it a lazy day or an exploration day, it’s all still one big adventure.  And I can’t get enough.

Then I come home.  Maybe it’s because I’m not exactly happy or content with my life here that makes me want to escape so much…I get to be a better version of myself….a happy version of myself…and be truly at peace when I can separate from “home” reality…Maybe one day there will be reason enough for me to love both places but as it stands right now, travel is my Xanax.  And I want to ride that high for as long as I fucking can.




  1. I can relate, to ‘coming down’ after travelling, especially in my youth. Yet, as I mature, I realise that the best travel occurs inside my head and heart( cosmos, fantasies, great stories, art, music), and being where I am right ‘now’! I think society doesn’t value ‘beingness’ enough, as it propels us forever be busy and to look outside of ourselves, yet that is only one half of the story! Only in stillness can we find our truth and our peace! blessings 🙂


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