never-dont-give-upSo as I mentioned in my last post, I’m officially off dating apps.  All of them.  That last go-round was the literal straw that broke the camel’s back (well….if I had a camel, I’m sure it would be…I just wanted to throw the word ‘literal’ in there).  I do want to take a quick sec to pay homage to the pretty awesome men that I have dated.  As I have mentioned before, there have been some good guys.  And, for some reason or another, those good guys and I didn’t work out but that doesn’t diminish their date-ability.

As I have been reached out to by many followers, I started to realize that all my bitching about men really has done a disservice to women who are in the same boat as I….I recognize that there are a fuck-ton of douchebags out there in this world, but for every a-hole I encountered, there were probably two good ones that followed suit.  Reason I never really blogged about those dudes is because, well…how do you make a good date funny?  That said, while I appreciate the comradery and shared stories, I do have to make sure the world knows that not ALL men are as unfortunate as the ones I have blogged about.  I want to make it clear that when I do blog about dates, I make fun of them only because the alternative (murder) is illegal 🙂  Besides, if I don’t find humor in a situation, I can easily just turn into a bitter old maid.  And noone wants me bitter or old.

Ok.  ‘Nuff seriousness.

I was texting with a friend yesterday about the most random stuff (he’s awesome.  I think he’s my spirit animal) and a topic came up that sort of formed into a potential blog.

I am a personal trainer in the wee hours of the morning before I hit my day job.  As a PT I am required to take a certain amount of continuing education throughout the year (CLEs)…essentially it’s just to make sure we don’t injure or kill anyone…which is a very bad thing in my biz.

So why don’t we make it mandatory for regular people to take CLEs throughout life?  I mean, we ALL need to take refreshers on things such as writing a proper email with an applicable subject line, what not to selfie, making waffles, putting on pants….you know.  The basics.

I’ll get to your first CLE sometime this week.  I don’t have time to go into it now, but I’d love feedback on what sort of life lessons we all need refreshers on.  Given the examples above, send me your thoughts and ideas and I’ll see if I can put it into a useful (but sarcastic) blog in the next few days.

With that, I’m off to MRI and PT (tore my calf this week so life is def teaching me lessons right this sec).



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