whateverSo a couple of weeks ago I had ‘virtually’ met this guy, Josh (I know I said I wouldn’t use real names, but this douche deserves to be put on blast).  He’s a teacher at a school in Ft. Bend.  (I’ve had a day to calm down so I’ll refrain from saying exactly WHICH school…)  We traded texts for a while and made a date for this past Fri.  Now, before all you peeps start questioning ME and trying to find out if I went cray, I’ll give you a synopsis of the texts we traded that day and you make that judgement:

Josh:  Good morning!
Me: Morning!
Josh:  Looking forward to meeting you tonight!
Me:  Me too.  You ok heading to XXX or do you want to meet somewhere halfway?
Josh:  No, I don’t mind driving in.  Mind if we make it around 7:30?  I’m going to meet up with some of the coaches after school for a drink then head your way. 
Me:  Not at all.  That time is perfect!  see you later
(day goes by.  about 2.5/3 hours till we meet up.  it’s about 5pm)
Me:  Hey!  Just got home.  I’m going to take a quick nap – I’m exhausted.  Still on for 7:30-8ish?
Josh:  Absolutely!  yea, i think I’m going to have one, too
Me: I thought you were going to meet up with your friends.
Josh: They cancelled on me.
Me: (sad face).  I’ll buy you a drink as consolation.  Just text me when you’re headed this direction.
Josh: (happy face)
(7:30 rolls around)
Me: Morning! (cuz he took a nap) You left yet?
Me: hey, just getting eta since I have a 9am appmt in the morn.
Me: Don’t bother. 

Ok.  Now you have the back story.  So you can see my apparent confusion as to why this asshole all of a sudden decided not to show up.  I know he’s not dead because as I went to the Bumble app to “unmatch” us, I discovered that he already did so.  So, he’s alive and well.

This motherfucker just decided to be a complete douche and, for some unknown reason, just not show up.  I am severely lacking faith in humanity these days.  Did this guy’s parents raise him to be this disrespectful?  Did he have parents? Cuz at this point, based on his behavior, I’m thinking he was raised by fucking animals.  Who does this to a person?

I was raised to respect a person’s time…and if plans were to change, to communicate that. What happened to people’s moral compasses?  I am quickly learning that there is a severe lack of respect (and I’m sure it’s true from a male perspective, but I don’t have that…) towards women from men my age (or around)… what the fuck happened to human decency?  Now, I know there are great guys out there.  I’m best friends with a few of them, and I’ve dated some really great guys…but these douche-cunts who waste my fucking time are giving those guys a really bad rep.  So, all you good guys out there should join forces with me and other strong women to plot the annihilation of the men who disrespect the human race in general. I’ll do you a solid in return with the girls.

And you know what I’ve also noticed, most of these fuckers are pretty hot…I don’t know when a nice face and bod gave these dudes the idea that they could treat people like dirt, but I’m all for lethal injection to cure them of that sentiment.

Ok.  Maybe I had some latent anger…but seriously — standing ANYONE up is a cowardly way to cancel a date.  I doubt I’d be plotting deaths if I was communicated to, even last minute.  I mean, I’d hate you, but I wouldn’t wish you off this planet…I’d at least have some small thread (barely hanging on thread, but small none the less) of respect for you.  As it is, this dude Josh can go fuck himself and the horse he rode in on…wait. he might enjoy that. just fuck off in general.

With all that said, I’m officially DONE with online dating.  Bumble app deleted.  I think I’d rather be a little lonely than have to deal with fuck-tards like Josh one more time.



  1. I learnt that this thing has a name – ghosting! (I wrote about it weeks ago). Happened to me after getting to a restaurant and waiting for 30 minutes and is all the more irritating when done against the backdrop of the virtual world.

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    1. I just don’t understand how people can do this to other people. Just pick up the fucking phone and cancel instead of ‘ghosting’ … it’s called human decency. Ugh


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